Project Bark Park

It begins... and I am scared...
This is what $50,000 looks like.

This was a huge decision and one I had to take very seriously. I could blow the build out money on a crap load of fencing but what about the ground work and the electrical? What about the parking lot and landscaping? Contractors, electricians, insurance, you name it, it costs money. Bathrooms.. do you know what it costs to build a small building for a bathroom?
What do I do first? How can I turn the little money I have into something sustainable? I could easily blow through 50k in vet bills in a matter of a year so how do I make these big dreams happen and still rescue huskies?
My 501c3 is still so new. 1 year in now and I am not likely to get grants till year 3. In the meantime I pursue every grant I can apply for just to gain experience. My big goals are to get community development grants and I need 5 years for that.
My heart and brain is full of anxiety about how I can get us to the place where we are making a difference.
Right now I am spending money on vet bills and overrun with huskies... and the dog park waits. If I spend all the money on a building then how do I feed the dogs and cover their vet bills? Particularly since I am not recovering them through adoptions.
50k isn’t enough to build a dog park, let alone a shelter and vet clinic. You all know my big dreams of building a coffee shop next to the dog park and pizza spot for the local teens. We are talking a 3 million dollar project which is cheap compared to a commercial spot. We get super cheap rent here and it will remain that way no matter the business we build in the future. We have highway frontage!!! We are in the heart of the largest lake in Oklahoma!!
I will always always rescue huskies. There are people who think I make money doing this. Pure ignorance right there. Fact is the rescue side of things is where the heart goes, but the heart cannot keep the bills paid. Running a rescue is running a business that does not make money, takes time away from my family and keeps me working nonstop for zero pay. To keep the bills paid and to keep rescuing huskies at a scale I intend to achieve, I need to build a sustainable, profitable business that will fund the nonprofit activities like the dog park and the animal shelter as well as our emergency clinic and rescue hotline.
We have the space and the need to include a coffee shop and pizza place as well as a retail shop and farmers market in the park. These are all sources of income that can help us provide low to no cost spay and neuter services. Any way we can help keep the rescue, shelter and clinic funded is what we are going to do.
Beer. People will not spay and neuter their pets but they will buy beer so we kill two birds with one stone. You buy beer, I use the proceeds to spay and neuter community pets and strays.
I spent 10 years getting my small business ass kicked in California, all in preparation for what I am about to do. I secured the land with highway frontage and spent the past year building the business side of things to prepare for the future. In the meantime I started building a brand and sold all my stuff to fund a business that can grow, a business that will make my dreams reality and a business I can be proud of. I am not a foster based rescue. I have a small facility that houses the dogs and needs to grow. I need a bigger shelter and I need to build it on the land I secured for it.
I will always rescue huskies, but I cannot starve my children or let it get out of hand. It’s has to be responsible and sustainable otherwise I am just cutting myself open and providing a bandaid in our homeless pet epidemic instead of providing a cure.
Maybe someday someone will take my project to heart the way I do and reach out to me. I cannot do this alone and at the moment I have not found my people. I am looking for my people.
Notice all the I’s. I talk about me a lot and that’s because it’s just me, so far I have done this alone and now it is bigger than me. I am ready for it to be bigger than me.
I am looking for a rescue business partner. One who can bring equal to the table to what I have already brought. Someone who shares my mission and is capable of getting us to the next step and sticking out the next two years while we starve and wait for our turn to qualify for grants. This person doesn’t need to have money. Mainly time. Lots of it. Not just a volunteer. I need another me.
I am looking for a business partner. I have started something great and it not about going broke rescuing shelter huskies, it’s about building a brand and a profitable business that can help the mission because let’s face it, the mission costs more money than people want to believe. While serving the mission we provide jobs and keep our families fed. Your investment is safe and no one needs to get rich. We do need to survive.
You see me rescue huskies and hear me talk a lot of bullshit about building this huge community facility. You also see me taking action. If your interested in building something great with me then speak up. Maybe you have zero clue about business but have resources that can help.
Really I just need my other half.
I chose to build the rescue first. Part of it at least. I ordered 200 of those fence panels. I chose this type of fence because I want it to last forever and the company I bought it from is giving me a great discount. It’s practical, beautiful and contains the huskies the way it should. These fence panels will surround the shelter and the dog park. Your looking at the first truckload. This load will give us another yard for the pups to play in while housing one of 5 shelters.

We don’t kennel our huskies but sometimes it is needed so instead of building a big box of cages we decided to build them a house. A house where a volunteer can come and hang out comfortably and treat them as if they had their own house and family. The kennels are there for eating times and for housing a husky or other dog in quarantine if necessary and a safe place for them to sleep if they choose to sleep there. Each house will hold up to 8 huskies and we want to build 5. Each house will have its own play yard where the huskies can play to their hearts content instead of being stuck in a kennel all day and night. Free range shelter. Why not? It will cost the same amount of money to build them a house as it would to build them a bunch of cages. We want to prepare them for their future forever families. Not stress them out by locking them up.

The first of 5 houses is now under construction at a warehouse in PA and will be delivered in about 6 weeks. The structure from start to finish will cost about $32,000. This is not a lot of money, in fact, when doing all the math, we actually save by having the building prefabbed and doing the foundation ourselves. We need 5 of these to run at a scale that would allow us to truly make an impact on the homeless and abused husky situation, for a total of $160,000.
I have committed $25,000 to the first Husky House and I need $7000 more upon delivery, 6 weeks from now.
Please help me help more huskies. Please share these links and my story to anyone that loves huskies and would be willing to contribute any amount towards helping me help me reach my goal.
Reaching my $7000 goal means, less huskies in shelters, less huskies living on chains and ropes, more educated dog owners, community service opportunities, community involvement, more adoptions and a beginning to the next phase of the mission.
Reaching my $160,000 goal means all of the above AND after school educational programs, team volunteer opportunities, learning clinics, intern programs, larger scale rescue efforts to include transports and helping out our city officials with abuse cases and other animal control needs.
Reaching my big goal, a buildout of about 3 million dollars, means spay/neuter/vax clinics, low cost microchipping for the entire community, emergency vet care, training, jobs, social activities, adoption events and large scale fundraising platforms and let's not forget the health and fitness aspects of the park. Just being able to provide resources and teach people how to properly care for their pets will make a huge impact on our cities homeless pet population and its lack of resources available to our community.
I will never give up on my dream and there is someone out there that shares this dream and wants it to..
Is it you? Reach out... I am waiting for you.

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