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Oh Mr. Hutch

It’s officially been a year since we saved you from Victory Valley Shelter.


It’s now time for him to get his forever home, he’s been waiting for one whole year to get a home of his own. He’s been patient with us, he did get his life back, but he is ready to LIVE! He is ready for his rescue journey to be completed!

Hutch is a 2-year-old male: He is your typical husky. Bouncy and fun then lazy. He can be excitable and jumpy, then sleep for hours. He likes his treats and really anything he can eat. He does great in the packs and has his “preferred husky friends”. Most days you will find him laying around inside the building.

Can you help him start his next chapter?

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So Cute!

1 Comment

Awwww beautiful Mr. Hutch, I am sure you will find your forever home! 🥰🥰🥰🥰❣️

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