Neiko and Sasha

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

See their story here on FB. Updates will be made to the "pinned" post.

One of life’s hardest goodbyes... On Sat, May 25th, Neiko and Sasha lost their home and family from circumstances beyond anyone's control. These two blue eyed senior huskies were rescued thanks to a group of FB heroes coming together with a solid plan and mission to get them safe and on a 35 hour journey from CA to OK in hopes of a new future.

Big shout out to Robert Dietsch for letting them hitch a ride with him from Bakersfield and taking such good care of them along the way.

A little background..

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine tagged me on FB about a couple of huskies that are going to be homeless as of June 10th. Both are over 10yrs old and you all know what that means in a city shelter. After a couple of hours of posting back and forth on a few pages we were able to come together to make something happen for these two. Heather, a hero on the El Dorado County Watch Animal Lost and Found page on FB, stepped up to organize the efforts and offer transport. We decided to step in and help but we needed lots of help ourselves. Our rescue is in Oklahoma and these pups are in Placerville, CA., more than 1500 miles away!! Luckily, Rob was about to make a trip from his shop in Bakersfield, CA to our home here in OK. He said the two pups could hitch a ride with him and thus began their epic road trip to the Husky Halfway House of their new forever homes.

If you would like to follow their journey and stay updated on Sasha and Neiko's status please "like" the post at the top of our FB page and turn on notifications. Both pups will be available for adoption soon. We still have some vetting and evaluating to do and well, we are not done loving on them yet. With that said, these two are going to make a small, adult only family very, very happy. If your interested in learning how you can love on these two for the rest of their lives please send us a message at so we can get you set up with adoption paperwork.

In the meantime, these two did not come with any pledges or adoption/rehoming fees besides the $95 that was given to Rob for gas for the trip. They both needed their chips updated, rabies and vaccinations, flea and heartworm treatments and Sasha will need to be sedated for her medical needs because she is pretty skittish and scared of anyone she doesn't know. Her appt with Dr. Glover is this coming Tuesday. I am estimating over $350 for the medical and food while they are here. Thank goodness they are healthy!

Please help. Your donation is tax deductible. Here is how...

You can call Dr. Glover's office directly and ask that they put any amount your willing to donate on an account for Husky Halfway House. Your donation is tax deductible, just let me know you made the donation and I will come and hug you and bring you a receipt.


Buy our t-shirts! The profits from 20 of our shirts can cover almost all of the costs to include food, shelter and vetting for 1, maybe 2 of our fosters. We sell 40 we can help 4, 60 we can help 6 etc.. It will take a lot of t-shirts but we are willing to do whatever it takes to raise the funds to help.

If you can donate money please do, if your going to buy a new 4th of July tee, please consider ours. %100 percent of every penny of the profit goes to the vetting and care for Sasha and Neiko and if it all gets covered it goes to the next foster. Not a dime in our pockets.

We are a 501c3(pending) not for profit corporation organized In the state of Oklahoma. Your donation is tax deductible. If your going to give to charity this year, please consider giving a portion to ours. We are in start up mode, flat broke and relying solely on your donation and tshirt sales.

I'll be honest guys.. any money I have to spend on Sasha and Neiko will come from the family budget that feeds my kids. Single mom, tshirt maker and trying to build a community dog park here. Please consider a tax donation by helping us keep our rescue efforts afloat.


Because we like transparency..

501c3 pending. IRS cashed our check though so hopefully it's on the way. Regardless.. your donation will be tax deductible. Once our letter arrives we can apply for all those FB and PayPal "donate to charity" buttons.

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