My Dog and I...

well, we talk shit about you. That's right. I said it.. then I put it on a tshirt!

Do you have something to say? Let Husky Halfway House's design team put it on a tshirt. Not only do you get to say it without spraying it #socialdistancing #coronavirus, but whatever it is that you need to say, helps us feed and vet our shelter dogs.

Check out our shop and see our work! We design and decorate everything you see in our store right here, with our own hands, one at a time, with lots of love and a little bit of husky hair.

100% of the profits from the sale of everything you see in our store goes to Husky Halfway House Foundation to keep our shelter going and our dogs cared for. Every single dime. Husky Halfway House is a 501c3 public charity organized in the state of Oklahoma.

Please consider a tax deductible donation by hitting the donate button below. Your donation is %100 tax deductible and donating gives you an immediate receipt with our tax id.

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