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Momma Spirit, Adopted.

Not only did Kelly rescue our rescue by installing a drainage and septic system in our new kennel building but she also adopted the mom of the little girl she adopted last year.

Miss Spirit was pulled out of a shelter in a small town in NM to spend her life as a slave making babies and paying the bills of the woman who claims to have “rescued her”. Spirit had many daughters who had many, many daughters all right in front of my eyes. Just days after rescuing them all from the puppy mill we learn the history and discover just how much horror these kids have actually gone through. Senior moms having babies right next their daughters having babies. disgusting. Unfortunately, the disgusting breeder is still forcing moms to be slaves there. Even huskies and there isn’t much I can do about it anymore. Disgusting human, that breeder. She gave everyone a sob story about how her husband died and she needed help. Truth was she needed space cleared so she can continue her slavery operation. Disgusting.

Thank God for the good people. Incredible human right here.

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