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Miss Sky, FNA Hulk, Is no longer Halfway Home

She told me that day in the van, the day that I pulled her and her puppies out of the puppy mill along with 40 others, that she had promised each one that they would get to leave.

You see, she had to stay. She never got to leave. She stayed for years, and for years she made babies and watched them leave. She was happy for them. She told me that she knew things would be better for them. I assured her that she was right and that her puppies were going into forever homes.

I told her I was about to show her what truly happens when someone comes and takes them away from that awful place and that someday she would have her turn to leave. But first she needed to be halfway home with me.

It’s her turn. Miss Skye, FNA Hulk, is no longer halfway home.

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