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Lucy Gets ADOPTED. Two More Spots to Fill in the Van, Who Wants to Fill Them In?

This pretty little thing and I want to say Happy Friday. Her name is Lucy and she is getting adopted this week since we are finally busting out of our quarantine.

Lucy and I get to go an adventure. I have two more spots in my van if anyone wants to go with us!! We are headed towards NC where I plan to spend time writing a few grants and making some plans for our vet clinic with H3’s board of directors.


Bethany Lobo jumped onto my fundraiser post with a matching 10k and added ANOTHER 10 to the match.

That means if I raise 10k, H3 ends up with THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for our vet clinic.

AND WE ONLY NEED ANOTHER 5k to reach that goal!!

We have until the 10th of this month to hit that 10k and we are halfway there.

With this money we will have everything needed to finish our completely separate ventilated quarantine space with a concrete pad (yes, more) to keep it germ free and temp control for the brutal weather. NEXT steps after are to finish the renovations inside the clinic to accommodate a couple of vets saving lives every single day.

Then, equipment, licensing and opening the doors to the community. Let’s make this happen by this time next year. . You in?

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So Cute!

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Love it!


Jennifer B
Jennifer B

I sent in an application twice and have never heard anything. I am in NC.


There is a husky puppy at Little Rock animal shelter!!

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