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Look how big the roses are!!!

And meet Melissa and Mike!

These two are the people that take care of these huskies all day and night.

They feed them, manage their medical needs, build and maintain the walls around them, love and train them, make sure they all get treats and people time, they also do the wake-up and bedtime routines around here since I travel so much. You truly have the calling when you are willing to give up everything including your home to save them. 7 am around here is always fun with me and Melissa in our pjs waking everyone up.

Melissa, Mike and my family live onsite here at H3 so these huskies are never alone.

Will you please help us build out our vet clinic? we need your help! We will give up our homes, and well, everything for them. Including my dignity when it comes to begging.

Me, Melissa, Mike and everyone at H3, we just want to spay, neuter and save a bunch of lives. We just need a little help. GoFundMe please. We promise to save thousands of lives if you do.

Please share with anyone that can help, we need followers and eyes on potential adopters and fosters. You can help us find those eyes. Share, share, share!

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Love Melissa and Mike and H3 for all you do for all the Huskys and Red Roses! 🥰🥰🥰🥰❣️

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