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Jenni Checks In

Well, hello!! I just thought I would pop in and say hi, and give you an update!!

Seriously guys, thank you so much for the support and understanding when I did my much-needed hair flip last week. Britney and Tracy have done an amazing job keeping you guys updated. Thank you, ladies! And Rob, Melissa, Mike and Annabelle are doing an amazing job at making me not needed. You guys' rock. I love you all!!

I was never giving up, to those who were worried, I will never give up rescuing huskies or close H3, but I was about to break and that meant a change in the number of huskies I/we would be able to save.

You cannot save lives if you yourself needs saving, so this time, a friend stepped in to save me. Bethany, my friend and one of H3's biggest financial supporters, and I, are working on a plan. A plan to save them all. Will we? Maybe. Maybe not. But we are damned sure going to try. And it starts with us and a little bit of self-care. So, don't worry about H3. Right now, it's in the capable hands of my team and I am taking the rest of the weekend for just that, self-care.

Now tell me, what do you do for yourself when life gets so overwhelming and stressful, that your about to break.

If you do break, will it change your future?

I'll go first.

I hit the compassion fatigue wall hard last week, so Bethany and I are practicing a little self-care by hiking, exercising and eating healthy, amazing foods while strategizing on what's next. Because if I break, it will change H3's future. It will mean less huskies saved. And that's just not acceptable. How about you? Any tips on maintaining a little sanity in this crazy thing called life?

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