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I’ve got a 5k match for today and today only!!! So time to work my butt off!!! Help me save lives for my birthday!!

You all to know who I am, how it started and how much I love and believe in Jenni and H3!!!

see that cutie? Yeah he’s the one that started it all in October of 2020. I HAD to have him!!! Once my boyfriend said yes it was game over. This boy had to come home to me… I blew up Jenni’s phone, Nicole’s phone and submitted an application. I wrote Jenni a book on why that boy had to come home with me. Boy that was suspenseful waiting Jenni chatted with me, went over my app and then finally said “felt you from the beginning, so what’s his name?”

Omg… I’m getting a puppy yay. He’s gonna complete our family at 4 pups (jokes on Brandon we didn’t stop at 4) ... so now I panic… ummm so how do I get my puppy? I’m in Maryland and the rescue is in Oklahoma… so I ask… Jenni says they have transport but it would be at least two weeks until they could bring me him… nope nope. I can’t wait that long. So, I sent my boyfriend and brother on a plane to go get my puppy and drive him all the way home and that’s exactly what happened. This is just the beginning…

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