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It’s been 6 months..

6 months since I pulled a couple of huskies out of the OKC shelter and brought back to the rescue a deadly, horrible, airborne virus that goes from fever to death in just 12 hours.

The trauma from that weekend lays heavy with me and often, probably too often, I look over at my passenger seat in my car and see Koda Bear taking his last few breathes while I screamed at him to stay with me and pumped his chest..

I lost 5 huskies to strep zoo in those 48 hours and two more later due to complications. Those 48 hours will stay with me till the day I leave this earth and find myself over the rainbow bridge with them. When I get there I will look into all their eyes and thank them for the thousands of huskies they saved with the foundation that I etched their name on.

I think of my 7 everyday and when I see their names there, I remind myself that I am here to do no harm, and take no shit. I am here to learn from my mistakes. I am here to rescue. It’s my journey, my calling, and it’s not supposed to be fair.

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Oct 01, 2023

Beautiful memorial ❤️ 💔 till they all have loving homes 😇


Gosh, so sorry to hear about this virus. I cannot even imagine what you have gone through. Your passion & dedication is remarkable. You are in an inspiration. I wish there were more people in this world like you. I applaud & admire everything you are doing. You are are one amazing lady doing amazing things. You have my utmost respect. Keep going & keep fighting the fight for the most beautiful breeds on God’s earth… the Siberian husky!!


Do you know what the airborne vigilante was?

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