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It is easy to be overlooked in a shelter, especially if you are a quiet husky.

Other dogs were louder, more energetic, more engaged with people. That had to be how Savannah was ignored. Because day after day, she watched as others found their forever homes while she was left behind.

But that did not break her spirit, because let me tell you, this girl is a treasure.

She loves her sunbathing and doesn't let anything bother her. Seriously, H3 staff members find her laying in the middle of the yard with everyone playing all around her on a daily basis. She is the most laid-back husky ever and even though she likes to play, she would rather be lazy. She would be happy to snuggle up for cuddles with someone every day!

It's time for her to shine her light on the world. She's more than just a dog; she's a vibe, and she's ready to bring her unique brand of serenity into your life.

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1 Comment

Beautiful layed back sweetheart 😘 💕 💖

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