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In Honor of Oakley

We are not out of the woods yet, I am sad to say but we are doing everything we can to keep those that need it hydrated and medicated. We won’t give up.

In honor of Oakley, whom we lost last week to one of these horrible viruses that have been making their way through Oklahoma shelters, boarding facilities, dog parks and foster homes and has beaten us down to the ground and hasn’t stopped, we are going to strengthen our fight.

For you, Oakley, We are going to beat this.

I am so sorry that I couldn’t save you. I can’t even grasp the thought that I pulled you out of that shelter to keep the system from killing you and it literally killed you anyway, from 150 miles away.

Dear God, please end this horrible nightmare and give us the tools and lessons we need to NEVER let something like this beat us down again. EVER. Please do not let their lives and deaths be in vain.

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