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I Have An Idea.

A rescue and adoption scam completely different than what Melissa Bacelar is doing, you know, using other rescues to raise money so she can find homes for her golden doodles. We need to get away with this scam and make it work. She isn’t getting away with her scam. We must do better.

Here is how it works.

Adoption Squared. (Not sure how to square it on a keyboard)

So basically, it’s a multi-level thing where I find a home for a husky, then that home finds a home for a homeless husky, and then that home finds one, now we have 3 families finding homes plus 3 more huskies leaving H3. It’s brilliant. Who’s in??

Seriously though. I’m serious. H3 Families. We desperately need your help. I am speaking to my H3 families who have already adopted from us and are helping us rescue, rehab and care for one of our halfway huskies by giving them a furever home.


The problem is we just cannot find enough homes out there ourselves.

CAN YOU HELP ME? Can you take just one husky and do the biggest thing I need help with. FIND A HOME. You only have to focus on one husky. Using your social media and contacts and friends, if you are spending the time for this one kid, we can focus our time on the ones dying today.

We will bring the husky to you, fully vetted, with all the supplies you need to get them to their forever homes. Ideally their forever home would be within reasonable distance to you so you can help me stay in touch, help me make sure our husky is always cared for and help me make sure the new family understands how H3 works and makes sure they are on the same mission as us.

I constantly hear “I want to start a rescue”, well here is your chance!

Right now, you must have an approved adoption application and even better, you have already adopted from us, and keep in mind, your help here is to not only care for our husky but to find them the best home. Help me find homes. So, I can focus on those that need out of the shelters to even get that chance…

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