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How much is that doggy in the window?

First... if you know me, Jenni D, at all, you know I don’t like it when people put price tags on H3 dogs. Don’t ask what they “cost”. Please. I’ll be happy to tell you what they actually cost.

Here is what it will cost YOU to adopt one.

$600 adoption fee (no payment plans please). This covers the months of time that we cared for them, fed and cleaned up after them, shots microchips, preventions, ect.

Spay and neuter signed contract- you must spay or neuter before puppy goes into heat.

$400 sponsorship to an adult adoption. If you are cool with this puppy, who shouldn't be here, taking a spot from an adult that has been here forever because puppies are so cute and everyone wants to adopt them, I am asking that you sponsor an adult's adoption fee. I’ll use that money to give a break to a family that needs a little boost and will do an excellent job with an H3 husky.

Donation towards transport cost.

Plus, a home check, vet check, personal references, ect.

With that said, I officially have red husky puppies available for adoption.

You can apply for them here. Don’t try to choose yet please, just let me know if you want to give one of them the most amazing home.


And go!

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So Cute!

2 bình luận

Awwww beautiful red babies!!!! 😘😘😘😘


Is that my girl Scarlett??? Such an attention whore! 😍😍

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