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How about some LOCKDOWN pupdates!!?

Speaking of pupdates and raffles, I’ll go live tonight with a peppermint patty to pull those numbers for you.

Titus is doing great. On his feet, the painful coughing is subsiding, he is eating and drinking and wagging his tail.

He is the only one that got this sick and we believe we were able to nip this is the bud. We still have 28 coughing but it’s subsiding, and no one is progressing.

I’ll be ready to open back up around the 20th so get those apps in and help me get the van booked with huskies going to their new homes.

I’d like to ask you also to consider donating to our GoFundMe Campaign. I am just pushing every day to get this place built out so we can keep saving dogs from the shelter.

Anyone that donated already or donates to the GoFundMe throughout the month of April not only gets a special gift from me, but I have a special raffle going on just for you.

It will be a husky surprise, but I promise you will love it.

All you have to do is click that link and donate this week's coffee money. With that, H3 will save thousands of husky lives.

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