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Hope, My Girl in Indiana

As I drive through Indiana, I always think of my girl, Hope.

In March 2021, Hope was adopted from the Houston shelter by someone who put her in crate and left her there for a little more than two weeks without food and water which was just enough time to eat away all of her body fat and dehydrate her body to the point where her eyes had sunk into her head.

Before they dumped her at a different shelter in Houston they put that disgusting tshirt on her.

It took a couple of weeks before she fully opened her eyes.

Hope went to her forever home as soon as she was healthy enough to leave and has been living her bestest life and I stop by and hug her as often as I can.

This was the first time I got to hug her since she lost her leg to cancer last year.

She looks so good. She is happy and healthy and acts like she never needed the leg. Everyone in her life is so grateful for Karl and Jen at KEY Animal Hospital - Karl E. Yurko DVM for helping her beat that cancer and I am extra grateful for her dad who is always fighting for her.

On this current rescue ride, after losing my girl Torri and two of her babies, being able to hug my girl Hope just reminds me why I built this place and why I fight so hard everyday for them, for her, for Torri and her angels for all of them, until we save them all and until they all have homes.

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