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Hey, Hey We Hit 44k!

This is Spot! I pulled her out of Devore shelter last week and she looks to be a husky heeler mix. Two crazy dogs in one.

Every time I walked by her at the shelter, she would yell at me to “pick me” “pick me”. I kept telling her to hold up and let me find a spot in the van for her.

Spot will be available for adoption in about a month. She has to go through quarantine then Needs spayed. If interested though we can chat about this girl right away.

Did you leave a review? Because I was just crying all night long reading about all the wonderful experiences you have with H3. We want to succeed here in rescue, and it starts with you.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the support and all your kind words.

Here is a link to a free raffle ticket. If you left us a review anywhere on Google or here on FB, click this link and claim your ticket!! Britney will draw live with her puppies next week.

Ticket link will die at midnight on Sunday. You just have to have a verifiable review somewhere that Tracy can find to validate the ticket. Thank you sooo much for your support!!! Together, till they all have homes.

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