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Hello 2024!

See you 2023.... I'd like to thank you for ending the year with 8 precious lives saved...but couldn't we just keep them all? Did you have to take Dandelion with you? So, the thank you for that isn't happening.

I will thank you, 2023, for the experiences that have been so valuable that it has formed the path that every halfway husky that walks the property will take, going forward.

On this day last year, I had no idea we would build this place to this level in such a short amount of time.

been a crazy, productive year. Hundreds of thousands in infrastructure development and construction in their space including a wading pool, a quarantine space and kennel, a poop tank, sidewalks surrounding their yards for sanitation and safety, and let's not forget the hundreds and hundreds of huskies rescued, a CA initiative that brought us over 200 huskies saved from euthanasia lists in CA overcrowded shelters and a formal team of husky rescuers, all on the same mission, to save ALL the huskies and give them the best quality care while they are here with us, halfway home. ahhh memories...

Speaking of memories...check it out.

On this week in my first year of rescue, I rescued Bernie from the SBC shelter in CA. Bernie was my first official rescue pull from a shelter and the beginning of a lifesaving mission that would result in over 1000 huskies saved... since 2019.

Happy New Year everyone... 2024 will be epic... I just know it and my huskies, well, they will find themselves no longer halfway home, thanks to you and your support.

Together, till they all have homes.  

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