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Hear the Truth

Just some thoughts on a Friday night from a worn out husky rescuer. I don't want your pity, I want you to hear the truth. And I want you to hear her lies. She needs to answer for what she is doing.

Everyday I look at Melissa Bacelars face and I catch painful glimpses of her videos. I see them in my camera roll and when I open social media, I see her giggling about how she is rescuing huskies from the euthanasia lists at the Devore shelter, how she needs donations to vet and get health certs for them and how they are on their way to rescues who want them. I see her showing pictures of my huskies, I hear her talking about the huskies whose eyes I looked into and promised I would come back for when their stray hold is done, and I see her bringing hundreds of puppies into CA when out of state rescues are trying so hard to get them out. Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois rescues went into CA to help and Wagmor takes our stories to raise money to bring 4x the amount of dogs in as we are trying to pull out. And she calls it her Dog Swap. She has hundreds of thousands of followers and celebrity backing. It's disgusting and I am disgusted. This is what happened the day all the Devore huskies were rescued.

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