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He Gave Us Four Weeks


Whisky left us today. A quick background before I go back to my tears of happy and sad for the one I saved but couldn’t save, who is safe now regardless.

Whisky was adopted to a family as a puppy and out of the blue started getting aggressive and even turned on the human kiddos. Whisky found himself in a shelter where he was rescued by another rescue then made his way to me.

When I took him in he was completely emaciated. The rescue that had him had been helplessly watching him decline and had reached out for help. He refused to eat and was terribly mean.

For the last 4 weeks my team and I have been nursing him back to health. We watched his tail wag and loved his snarly sass. He gained a bit of weight and seemed to be gaining energy. We couldn’t stop the runny poop though no matter the treatment.

Turns out that a few months ago, Whisky swallowed a baby pacifier and it embedded itself into his bowels. Today it ruptured.

This morning his heart stopped beating and that’s when he said goodbye, but before he left I gave him something to give to the halfway huskies that are there waiting for him. It’s a letter I send every time I lose a little piece of my heart. Here, I’ll let you read it.

To My Halfway Huskies In Heaven,

Tonight, I am sending you an angel. He goes by the name of Whisky. Don’t worry, you will know him, and he will know you. He has been waiting for this day for a few months now.

When I met him in that space between me and you, he told me that he was excited to meet you. He wanted to hear all about you so he could dream about you until he gets there. I told him it wouldn’t be long. That when he wakes up you will all be waiting for him.

Whisky wants to tell you all his story, about how he saw those like you when he arrived at H3. He wanted to play and talk with them so badly and couldn’t understand how he was in a place with so many like him, but he couldn’t be like them.

Whisky told me that he was sorry that he hated me and that he truly didn’t understand why. He said he loves me now and that whatever was inside of him making him hate everyone, is gone. I told him that I was sorry that I couldn’t save his life, but that I couldn’t wait for him to cross over because he gets to meet you on the other side.

I thanked him for the weeks he gave us, and how we had high hopes that he would stay here, but the other side of that rainbow took the pain all away and that’s where he needed to be. I just can’t wait for you to meet him! He will be there soon. He is crossing the rainbow bridge now. I’ll warn you, he is going to come zooming in. He is finally free from his pain, and he has a few months of living to make up for it.

Every time I send you another angel, I send with them a gift for each of you. Keep it safe with the gifts I have sent before. They bind us together and remind us that we have each other, that we are a pack. They are tiny little pieces of my heart and someday, when I arrive to meet you there, my heart will be full again. Mike, Melissa and Leslie have a gift for you too and asked me to leave with you the promise that after we gather a few hundred thousand more of these little pieces, we will see you again.

It won’t be long before I meet you, over the rainbow bridge. Until then, sweet Whisky, you are no longer halfway home. RIP sweet Whisky

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That is so sad. 😢


I know you are dealing with heavy hearts tonight. I cried too. But you more so….I am so sorry for your loss. I wish he’d made it longer. Prayers going out tonight for all!


Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Sep 22, 2023

So sorry 💔💔💔. I wish he would have made it and had a forever home 😢😭😢


That's heartbreaking 😔


Sep 22, 2023

I'm absolutely heartbroken for you and him. He is in a better place but it doesn't make the hurt go away 😢😭💔

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