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Happy International Women's Day!

Today is International Women's Day and we would just like to take a moment to appreciate the amazing women who are members of the H3 team! Jenni, our HBIC, who started it all. Britney, our adoption coordinator, who talks to all of our families and fosters both puppies and adults. Melissa, our wonderful executive administrator who keeps us afloat and organized. Annabelle, our rockstar dog handler. Liz, our on-site groomer. Kathy, who keeps the bedding and buildings clean. Willow, our amazing kennel cleaner/staff member/volunteer. Jessi, another awesome kennel cleaner/staff member/volunteer. Bethany, our spearhead for # Project 100 and the whole California initiative. Brooklyn, one of our rescue world friends always there for support. Cassandra, from Pine Ridge Siberians, who helped Jenni write H3's first children's book. Camero Anderson, the illustrator of our books and some merchandise. Joanna, a foster/rescuer from Texas, that brought us Rusty. Heather, a volunteer transporter. Taylor, who is in charge of our Minnesota hub. Aleece, a volunteer researcher. Elizabeth, our Husky Highway volunteer. Anne, our paw print painting volunteer. Raven, our Halloween station volunteer. Tracy (aka me), who does a little bit of everything.

And the countless women who help support this rescue on a daily basis by donating their time, money and skills. Surround yourself with those who are on the same mission as you and just see what you can do. Maybe something like rescue over 1500 huskies from shelters, neglect, and abusive situations.

P.S. Don't worry we have a lot of fantastic men in our pack as well, but their day is in November. Just know we appreciate them too, so, so much.

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