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Halloween Raffle

Ohhh man I love this month as much as I love this picture. This is one of my puppy mill puppies who is all grown up now.

Guys, I need your help!! We desperately need funds coming in to support these dogs. Over 200 onsite now and the bills are massive every month. It’s Monday and I need to go into this week without worrying. I have Apple Valley huskies coming in, a van load and well, I just really need your help. I am asking you for five dollars. In exchange I’ll give you a raffle ticket for that Halloween blanket, socks and dog toy, puppy not included.

It’s a good deal, especially if you win and H3 can go another week getting their bills paid. Until we have sustainable income sources we have to beg. Someday we won’t. Someday. Can you help? It’s just 5 dollars but to us it’s our entire world. I’ll put where you can get the ticket in the comments. Adding the donation button too in case anyone feels sorry enough for us to help us out this week.

Thank you so much for your consideration! And giving up that one small thing you might spend five on, to keep a bunch of huskies lights on, food and vet care coming… priceless and appreciated. We are 501c3

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