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Friday Night Lights, H3 style.

Kintsu the wolf puppy here, to report on the results of our fundraiser and be the first to offer applause. You all donated ...



That's a whopping $21,000 more than last year.

And with my (part 2x, part 1x) match, we're at $139,743.36.

That sailed more than $50,000 over last year. Holy shit, y'all.

There was just one saving grace. We came in $129 short of my final 10x match. I was breathing a sigh of relief that I'd finally found a way to save a little bit of money this week. 🫡

But then my dear sweet Kintsu, sasshole extraordinaire, decided to donate the final $129 and change.

At least, HBIC informs me that he did, and we all know that the sassholes dare not disobey her. (And if even they can't get away with it, then what chance do I have 🤣)

So that brings us to, BIGGER DRUMROLL PLEASE ...


That's a lot of additional sassholery destined to continue to walk this Earth. You're welcome, America.

Thank you and good night. -Bethany

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So Cute!


This is awesome! I must say that HBIC is just that for a reason. Thank you Bethany!


Great 👍 News!❤️🐕🐕🐕🐕🌹🌹🌹🌹


Woohooo this is fabulous news! 💓💓💓

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