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Doodle's Story

First, we want to thank every generous doner for helping us expand our facility, topping it off with a donation match from Bethany at 2,500 and another donation match of 500 from one of our adopter families, which we have until the end of the day to match, so we can continue to bring you stories like Doodle's.

Here it is... "Dear Dad up in Heaven.

Today was the day you told me about, but you didn’t tell me about the in between. Since you are not here to see it, I’ll tell you all about it myself.

I remember the day you told me you were leaving. You were afraid for me, I could tell. I didn’t quite understand what the big deal was. You always come back. For 12 years you always came back, but I could see that something was different this time… and you still haven’t come back.

Mom got real sad after you left. She cried a lot and hugged me more than she ever did. She kept saying that she was sorry, that she didn’t want to break up our family but she didn’t know what to do.

Mom and her friend drove me to this place. It’s a loud place but the people are cool and they treat me well. There are at least 100 of others just like me but the people in charge let me sleep on their bed. Me, out of all of them! I do feel a little privileged here. There are tons of toys and I love taking them outside to bury them every single day. Also, don’t tell mom but they give me junk food. It’s this stuff in a can and I love it and when those other boys come near me I give them my old man snarl and they back off.

BTW dad, the day mom dropped me off she looked at the lady that lets me sleep on her bed and said “I feel like I am losing my family again.” And she cried for you hard right there in front of everybody. When she walked away to get back into her car, she turned around and came back and gave me one more hug and I wanted you to know.

When mom hugged me I told her what you said. How that I had a few good years left and have plenty of time for another dad. I told her that I thought you meant I would be getting two dads , but you didn’t, you just meant that my new dad would take care of me like you did. So I told her not to worry, that she could let me go and that we would all see each other again, wherever it is that you are right now.

My new dad is cool. He took me for a walk at the lake yesterday when he picked me up and he hugs me a lot. He and new mom keep talking about how cute I am and how they are going to help me live out my life until I see you again. I am happy for that. Knowing that I will see you again, over the rainbow bridge, cause that’s where I am told you will be waiting for me. But for now. I am going to spend another year or two missing you and thanking you for my new dad.

I think about you every day and I won’t stop, till I see you again, over the rainbow bridge.

Love Doodles."

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