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‼️ Donations Needed For Extra Vet Bills ‼️

On our way home after 4 huskies getting the medical care they needed. Thank you so much for the donations to cover the trip up there!

And now I need to bug you for some help with the vet bill so we don’t get behind on anything else. If you can help us out it means we can focus on keeping our operations going. Monthly support hasn’t quite caught up to the monthly needs so it’s vital that I fundraise for these extra vet bills. Thankfully, Karl gives me a massive discount making the drive worth it to get the best care and also get a few kids adopted.

Freya went to her new home as well as Oogie Boogie the puppy, but not before getting a well check and some preventions to keep that tummy healthy.

Max unfortunately didn’t get a foster home so is headed back to H3 but he did get rid of that broken tooth that made it painful for him to eat resulting in him losing too much weight.

Thor, after getting himself on the chopping block at a shelter TWICE, got that nasty mass removed that the shelter figured was a good reason to euth list him for the second time, the first for catching their cold. Luckily, he had an step up and convince me to help him.

Last but certainly not least, is that tiny husky I pulled out of an Oklahoma pound with like zero body fat that prompted us to bust out our hoodies reminding us that this is what we are fighting for and to just imagine a world where dogs take bad owners to the pound.

Video of my sweet girl at KEY Animal Hospital - Karl E. Yurko DVM while recovering from her spay today, in the comments, as well as pictures of their bills. So, can you help us keep us this life saving work? it’s tax deductible . does all the digital otherwise, please donate here

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