Dog Park, Eufaula?

Project Bark Park Eufaula - For happy and healthier pets and their people.

Husky Halfway House is on a mission to build a community dog park where people and pups come together for exercise, social interaction, education and community support.

Every few days one can come across a post on FB from a animal shelter that is begging for people to adopt because they are overrun with homeless animals and need to make room for more. Said shelter will have an highly publicized adoption event and successfully decrease the number of animals in their care in a matter of days. YAY! BUT. It only takes a couple of more days before that same shelter is once again at its capacity. It's a vicious cycle and it’s happening everywhere.

We must go to the root of the problem, the homelessness and failure to spay and neuter, and provide ourselves with a resource to help everyone keep, vax and alter their pets.

Our community is in need of a place where can come together for social interaction and exercise with our dogs. Where we can support each other through events, advice, education and by raising awareness to the lifestyle changes that can make a difference in the future of one’s family pet. We can help provide spay/neuter services to the community so we are not adding to the problem, help with vaccinations and training on how to provide proper diet, shelter and exercise for health and longevity of their pets as well as encouragement to welcome backyard and neglected pets into their families where they are treated as such.

No one can keep up with the amount of animals producing more animals and then ending up in shelters because of homelessness or lack of education, exercise and vetting by owners. Husky Halfway House wants to help address this issue in our community. We want to build a community dog park that would give our residents and weekender’s the very services we are so desperately needing in our area, a place to exercise, socialize, hold educational events and provide no to low cost spay, neuter, vax and chip ID resources.

We are working towards funding to buy fencing and landscaping materials as well as the necessities like dog waste storage containers, proper hydration methods and pest control so our pets can safely play in the park. We would open the park up to the public and encourage community involvement in educational events that raise awareness to all of the issues our city is dealing with when it comes to the welfare of our family pets and the animals that are living on our city streets. We have enough land with popular highway frontage for easy access for everyone and the experience and passion to do just that, get to the root of the problem in our community and area shelters.. the homelessness and failure to spay and neuter.

Together, we can have a lasting impact on our communities health, greatly reduce the number of unaltered, unvaccinated animals on our city streets and put a dent in the homeless population by providing access to exercise, family services, no to low cost spay, neuter, vax and chip id programs.

Project Bark Park Eufaula - For happy and healthier pets and their people.

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