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Bethany is offering up to $50,000 in matching donations in celebration of her birthday and has invited everyone to join her for the rest of the week, working towards our goal of 100k 😱🥹

You can do it anyway you want. Donate through our website, our donation links, FB, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. Buy a shirt from our store, and she will match the proceeds. Have a monthly subscription? It will also be matched if it’s paid out this week. Can you get a subscription for 4.99 or more now? She will match it.

But there's more! BETHANY WILL MATCH $500 for every foster that gets approved this week and $1000 for every adoption approved this week!

This is insane! Not only will I bring a husky to your door, Bethany will donate $1000 just because you did’re saving a life and earning us $1000.

Come on guys! I am dying to get back to rescuing again and need homes, bad!! 50k match. This would literally allow me to rescue 100 huskies from CA (and as many additional possible too from Oklahoma).

LET'S DO THIS!! We have 1 week!!

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So Cute!


Bethany is a true “ANGEL HERO”!! When you want to k ow where the Heroes are, they’re here. Right here!!! H3 forever!!


Bethany is H3's savior! 🥰😍🥰😍❣️

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