Dawsons donation for Loki

So much heartache this day but the most overwhelming experience throughout was watching this amazing husky spend 4 solid minutes donating blood to help save Loki's life.

And he knew what he was doing. Watch Below.

Watching Loki go from a playful happy puppy to lifeless in less than 24hrs was too much.. I have been going over and over in my head how the treatments my vet did were just not enough. I am fully aware that my facility is like taking a newborn baby into an ER which is why I took all the precautions necessary to make sure these two puppies stayed healthy while in my care. Regular deworms, three check ups at the vet and a spray down of their play yard daily with a product called Rescue.

Loki came into the rescue with pale gums, an indication of anemia. we started treating them immediately. The treatments were not enough to combat the hook worms that have been stealing his blood and damaging his intestinal walls.

Both Loki and Rowena were acting just fine though both testing positive for hook worms but being treated and both having vet appts set and ready for a plan by their new vet. It just wasn't enough.

Puppies get worms and parasites and most can be treated and prevented but it needs to be done from the very beginning. I do not know where these puppies originated from but can assume they were born on a farm which makes them at much higher risk for parasites, then moving them onto an environment like mine where having puppies is like having a newborn in an ER, certainly didn't help.

Please, please stop breeding puppies in the dirt. Please stop breeding puppies period. Newborn puppies need clean and sanitized spaces to stay healthy and deworm treatments starting at two weeks old. Only reputable breeders who do so to better the breed and compete should be bringing these sweets souls into the world, not those who set them up for failure just to make a quick buck or because "I want my girl to be a mama".

I keep saying I'll never take another puppy but the truth is I do want to be able to take them BUT I don't want to fail them. I also don't want you to worry about puppies in my care. Though I do feel I failed Loki, I know it's not my fault. I do have a plan for future puppies in my care. They won't even need to be brought into my gates. Who wants help keep halfway husky puppies healthy?

I'll be needing volunteers!! In the meantime, check out Dawson spending 4 solid minutes being the bravest husky I have met yet.

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