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Calendars are in!

FINALLY!!! Calendars are going in the mail! FINALLY!

A few updates.

First- if you are worried about me screwing up the lives and spirit of my rescue by starting a mushing team someday, I encourage you to do whatever you need to slow your heart down and not worry to much about me messing up or “not researching first”. That just makes me laugh. 😂.

When I first started rescue, rescuers doubted me too..

2. Amazon pushed my book order out which really didn’t make me laugh. Many of you get a calendar and book and I dont want to spend double the shipping so waiting for the books to arrive to send them both together.

I am so sorry about the delay and if you would prefer a refund we will be happy to send you one.

3. I am $9500 into legal fees for Ruby, Jimbo and a few other issues I am asking an attorney to help us with. All for the benefit of this operation and getting justice for a Ruby and any of my dogs that might have been or will be subjected to abuse.

4. I am going live today becasue I have some cool things to show you. Not exactly sure when and wish I could give you time but I will save the videos to the page so you can watch them later.

5 and Final.

I still have over 100 calendars I need to see to sell to pay on those attorneys fees.

Will you buy one? They are shipping this weekend so you won’t miss too much of the year but really, the entire calendar is about Ruby so just doesn’t matter what day it is.

Click picture for link.

Thank you so, so much for your believing in my work and for your support.

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