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C-3PO says "is that my rescue ride?"

It sure is baby girl, it sure is.

This is Mike! Mike works for H3 and is at the shelters in CA right now picking up those huskies about to get their lives back.

LOTS of rescues happening today. First up is Pebbles and C-3PO from San Bernardino shelter. We are going back for the two huskies everyone is screaming about to "save me" as well as 7, that's right, 7 huskies from Apple Valley and 4 from LA County rescued by an awesome lady named Nancy that are being transferred to H3.

Holy heckin huskies. Whewww, I am going to need some help with all these new kiddos! And the ones from last week! Ohhh and the week before.

Seriously though, I need help to be able to keep doing this. Can you donate and/or buy a shot at my cuddly husky blanket up for grabs this week? Ill post the links in the comments and as we pull them out we will post their pics and those donations are tax deductible .

Dooo it. Help me save some lives today.

FYI. H3 is responsible for this rescue, it's transport and the care, rehab and rehoming of these huskies. There are 4 in the van with donations from a Foundation that helps euthanasia listed dogs. It's the other 11 we need your help with. If you see someone asking for donations for them please send those donations to H3. Only donate directly to or to our Facebook post. We accept, PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.

Thank you for your consideration.

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