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Britney and I are tired.

And apologizing for the quiet around here. We are having trouble even wanting to keep going and well, it’s plays such a huge roll in our daily survival. That’s what rescue is, daily survival. Literally, every single day is a risk of catastrophic consequences, as compassion fatigue sets in, dogs die.

The worst part about that , is that it’s truth. Dogs die because sometimes we can’t get off our asses and take the daily beatings. Imagine that being your truth everyday when you open your eyes. “Will I survive the day. Will they?” The answer is that we have to. Becasue they have to.

Britney and I are supposed to be in CA today saving a bunch of lives, but the 6 I am saving is clouded by the 60 that will die this week alone just in the area of one state in this country that I am sitting in right now.

Compassion fatigue is real and it’s here.

-To the 300 people who contact me very single day to tell me a dog will die by 5pm. Please donate so that we can knock that number down.

-to the families that will put their dogs in a shelter today because I they cannot afford vet care or to feed them.. I want to help you but I don’t know how yet. If I can figure out a way to help, will you keep your dog and try to make it work?

-to the ones who wish me to fail, you know who you are, and I know who you are. Well, you won’t get the best of me but I’ll give you a little glimmer of hope by posting stuff like this.. just know that I will beat it, and you, somehow.

-to the huskies I cannot save today, dont cry, because the halfway huskies in heaven are expecting you and are right there at the end of the bridge to guide you to a place where you will truly be free.

-to the girl looking at me in the mirror. Wipe your tears, stand the f up and put your big girl panties on. Dogs are literally dying while you sit there and cry.

So now I’ll continue the fight, this never ending fight to just give them the right to live…

but to do that, I need money. It’s that simple. Lots and lots of money.

If I can build a spay and neuter clinic, I can save thousands of lives before they even end up abused and in shelters, I could lower the population of dogs in shelters period and provide the much needed resources we need so that compassion fatigue doesn’t even get a chance to win.

I need money guys and your donation is tax deductible and so, so important. Please considering helping us.

If you can help by making a $50 donation today, it will go towards a 15k match that I am trying to earn by Sunday night. So far we have raised a little over 6k of the 15k needed and I am down to 2 days to do it.

Anyone that can donate $50 is getting a chance to win the car I want to give away on Christmas Day. It’s a mustang convertible and yep, it’s red, and it’s going to one of H3 supporters to thank you for you help.

Thank you for your consideration. Your life saving considerations.

We can beat this, compassion fatigue and dogs dying daily in shelters, we can beat you. Together, till they all have homes.

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I just donated $50. Every little bit helps. All of the followers, PLEASE help them to continue to save lives. PLEASE. I would rather go to the grocery store less & go out to dinner less to help H3. We can all make sacrifices every day so we can send some money to a very meaningful & worthy cause.


Cara Shields
Cara Shields
Nov 17, 2023

Donated $50 for a paw print 🐾

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