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Briar Rose

I pulled this pretty little girl from a puppy mill in NM, she had been living in a concrete kennel with makeshift, wooden walls and fence panels. The same walls she has seen her whole life. The same walls her mother saw her whole life and all the sisters and brothers that came before her. Today she went and got herself adopted. Today the walls that surround her become her walls and they are not makeshift. Not even a little. They are forever and they will protect her while she makes her way in the world.

Go on Briar Rose. You are ready. You are no longer halfway home.

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We are all worried and shocked and upset and disillusioned about rescues and we are all hoping and praying Ruby is found asap like Now...but You are still saving lives and making many many human and husky lives better because you care and give your all to these beautiful dogs...The ones sitting in a noisy scary shelter somewhere with no voice , no hope..Until You come along You come for them you take them to a safe place until their special person or family is found......Thank You Thank You Thank You..For doing what you Do! So Grateful to you.....and i ll be praying hard for good news of Ruby......


Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Sep 26, 2023

Yayy go live your bestest life! 💓💓💓❣️

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