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Book is in the Works!

Last year during one of my Rescue Rides I stopped at Pine Ridge Siberians to meet Cassandra and her pack. I thought it would be cool to bring my own personal pack up there and have hers teach mine how to mush.

Since I am way too busy rescuing homeless huskies to spend enough time with my own dogs and get them up there, I asked Cassandra if she wanted to write a children’s book with me about it.

That’s what she does, writes children’s books about her dogs. In fact, that’s how I met her. I had contacted the artist she uses Cameo Anderson - Writer / Illustrator and she introduced us.

And it’s almost done. It will be ready to share with all of you just in time for Christmas.

In the photo is my entire personal pack including the husky that started it all, Dusty. Cassandra’s pack is also in the mix.

Cameo is amazing, she captured our dogs to perfection and working with these two ladies has been awesome.

I can’t wait for you to see it. I won’t spoil it but wanted to give you a sneak peek. All the money I raise from this book will go to H3. Every dime. I hope you all will buy one!!

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