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Big Memory Lane

Now before we go down the big memory lane.. don’t forget tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I’m trying to raise 25k for the huskies! I have a 5k match for today and only today. We have raised $2,975 of the 5k!! Help me earn this match!!! It’s lifesaving!!!

Now memory lane we go… H3 Puppy Boot Camp - A Program of Husky Halfway House was created February 11th 2022. I became the full time out of state puppy foster! We’ve also added in a few adults as well. I have had the pleasure of having 82 different halfway huskies, almost all of those 82 are in a forever homes. Unfortunately not everyone is pictured because I couldn’t find them fast enough those that I know are missing are: Luna, mouse, Theo and Cynthia.

Enjoy all the pictures I also did foster fail 1. Let’s see if you can guess who!!

I told Jenni if she ever brought me x puppy I was keeping it… she brought me 4

So that became #6 and the last addition to my family!

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