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Benny Glowing Up

A few days ago, I posted a video of an abused dog the day he came into the rescue. That video is currently outraging many people. It’s still going.

So here is a clip from just a few days later. Check out what love, care and nutrition can do.

I rescue guys. I am not the law and I risk my rescue operation when I break the law. I CANNOT go and steal that dog. I want to. But I cannot. I’m sorry! This isn’t about fear or refusal! This is about me breaking the law and the future of my rescue. My voice only goes so loud! And they are not hearing me. No one is.

If anyone has any answers besides breaking the law, then I am all ears. #huskyrescue

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So Cute!


Patty Edwards
Patty Edwards
Aug 02, 2023

What a difference a few days makes. He’s happy now. Thank you for doing what you’re doing for him.


You do miraculous work with these huskies. I believe Thomas Rhett has a song called "Not All Angels Have Wings" You are truly an angel!

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