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Before we continue down memory lane…

I have remind you that tomorrow I turn 25 and I’m trying to raise 25k. I’ve got a 5k match for today and today only… I’m sitting at $2425 of that 5k match! Will you help me reach my birthday goal? I mean it totally will save a bunch of huskies!

Now buckle up, grab your tissues for the trip down memory lane as we talk about my 20k dog. April 21 2021, I dove head first into fostering. (For another rescue). That’s this handsome guy Bleu. He was about to be euthanized but a rescue would save him they just needed a foster…. Me being the young slightly naive animal loving person I was said “yes I can foster” I didn’t do my homework, I just wanted to save his life. Nothing else mattered. *(Always do your homework). *

Bleu was a medical case who was hit by a car and dumped in a shelter. So he needed a lot of extra care. Anyways things for the most part were good until they weren’t.

Bleu got sick… very sick and was dying infront of me. We went to the first vet and they said he just had a bad UTI, gave him meds said he should feel better soon. He didn’t get better, back to the vet and they discovered his left kidney was failing and the only way to give him a chance to live was to have it removed.

Unfortunately, this was a very expensive surgery, and his original rescue couldn’t afford it but also, he had already been through so much they thought he wouldn’t survive the surgery. So, they wanted to let him go… Nope, I wasn’t and I wouldn’t. I needed more answers. I wasn’t done fighting and I knew he wasn’t either. I at the very least needed to get him to the specialist and see if he could survive this surgery. So I said I would pay for it.

We decide to proceed with the surgery, my boy wasn’t done and he only had me to believe in him and I did. Let me tell you those days were literal hell. Not knowing, stomach in knots and thinking am I just putting him through more misery?

He did it, Bleu made it and it was time to bring him home. He racked up a vet bill of 10k, I paid it and then reached out to Jenni if she would take me and Bleu under her rescue. I needed someone that would always have our backs and who got huskies! I told her I didn’t want money, that I just might need help in the future. Jenni being who she is took us in and fundraised for him, and continuously had our backs as she does with all of her H3 kids.

So at this point me and Jenni still haven’t met and she hasn’t seen Bleu in person…. But she had a trip going this way, so she asked to stop by so on August 2nd, 2021, I got to meet my hero and she got to see her huskies!

I of course foster failed Bleu, I couldn’t let this boy go. He was family and we had been through way too much much together to let him go. He is worth it all!!! June 15th 2023 Bleucifer the baboon was created, we finally had his tail surgically removed because we had KEY guidance. Jenni had our back every step of the way. Bleu is doing SO much better and I’m so sad I waited so long but I’m so glad we did it. His quality of life improved so much.

Until the next chapter

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He’s gorgeous! I can’t even see his heart but I’m sure he’s a lover too!

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