🍂Autumn 🍂

This girl is something else. She walks around the yards like she doesn't have a care in the world. Ignores the others and just sits back and husky watches. She is calm and cool and extremely collected. She can be in any yard with any amount of huskies without being bothered or causing problems.

Inside the main house she follows me around like a second in command. If I am in the room she will remain calm but the moment I leave she puts herself in charge. She has two personalities and will absolutely bite your kid or anyone who hasn't gained her respect, including adults. She truly believes she is HBIC of the humans until the real HBIC steps into the room.

Many would deem her unadoptable but I get her. If I were a husky I guess I wouldn't be adoptable either.

She will bite your child. But it doesn't mean you can't have kids around. You all have to learn the rules.

Autumn needs a strong pack leader. Someone she can feel is in charge. She must feel it and you must exude it.

Think you can handle all this husky? Apply to adopt.


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