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Updated: Feb 9, 2020

PUPDATE 2-5-2020

Apollo has officially been adopted.

Apollo hit the jackpot gaining 8 humans brothers and sisters, 2 human parents, lots of human aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents and a fur sister too. woot woot!! Congrats Apollo! Go on and lead your best life!!

Read how Apollo became a Halfway Husky and how he found his forever home. 👇

Meet Apollo the Great. The great big cuddly goofball, that is.

This bi eyed with a bi eye and a blue eye baby boy became a Halfway Husky on January 26th, 2020.

A FB message prompted Robert to head to Wilburton, OK to pick up a husky who needed a new home. His owner has developed a stage 3 cancer and well, cancer sucks.

Day 1 and this guy blows everyone away with his awesome demeanor and the goofy way he tilts his head when he is listening to you. Zero aggression towards any of the other dogs, regardless of their ball status, (he HAD his at that time) and very tolerant of the naughty, playful puppies yelling in his face.

Just over a year old with a birthday around October 2018, this 55lb, not done growing yet, Siberian husky is already so physically strong and will push his way into your lap and your heart. Apollo has a soul as young as my almost 7 year old human child.

Apollo is amazing. Apollo needs a kid. Seriously. Everyone knows how hard it is to grow up. We all went through all the bullshit. I wish I had someone like Apollo to get me through those hard, being a kid, times. I may have gained more confidence and been less angry. If there ever was a husky that could pass all those tests to be a support dog, it would be this one.

As of February 1st, Apollo is ready to go to his forever home, and I do mean forever. Apollo has been neutered, is fully vaccinated to include kennel cough vaccine and has recently taken a monthly flea and tick pill. Apollo is also microchipped.

Apollo is a big boy and a big cuddly baby. He is very tolerant of other dogs and would do great with a small or large pack. He would also do fine on his own as long as his people are around. If you work all day then Apollo needs a pack to keep him company.

If you are interested in making Apollo a part of your pack, please don’t hesitate to email for an application.

Please DO apply for Apollo if you have a secure, fenced in yard. I am open to talking about alternatives but only to a very husky experienced family.

Please DO NOT apply for Apollo if you won’t love on him like your kid. This guy needs your attention. Treat him like your kid, not just a dog. Inside pup only. He is not to be left out alone or ever put on a chain. He wont like it, nor will I.

Please DO apply for Apollo if you have children. He will make a great, great family fur kid.

Please DO NOT apply for Apollo if you cannot afford heartworm prevention and flea/tick management as well as yearly vaccines. However, if you looked in those eyes and haven’t been able to stop thinking about him but think you might struggle a bit by adding a family member, your local to me and have an awesome fence, apply anyway and we can chat about getting your yearly vaccines sponsored. We want to be here to support you. The most important thing to us is that they find the best family. Please DO apply for Apollo if you have other huskies and husky experience. This is a huge step to the front of the line for me. Husky savvy families will always get first shot at my adoptable huskies.

Please DO NOT apply for Apollo if you have no intention of keeping in touch with me. I want to stay in his life. FB friends is a must. Bottom line.. you adopt from Husky Halfway House your stuck with Husky Halfway House. For life. gets you an application.

Apollo's current status will always be listed at the top of this page. I will update as he progresses.

Apollo has now officially been adopted.

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