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Adoption and Transportation Fees WAIVED

That’s right. I’ll make you a deal…

You take care of my husky for life, make sure they don’t bolt out the door and do dumb things, make sure they eat quality, healthy foods and always have people around that love them and will take them on adventures as well as the decency to keep them on the parasite preventions they need, send pictures and stay in touch,

and in return…

I’ll let you take care of my husky for life, I’ll teach you how to make sure they don’t do dumb things, and I’ll be here in case the people that love them are no longer around and need someone else to take them on an adventure as well as provide the healthy foods and preventions, and I won’t ask my PI to stalk you if you send me those pictures.

I’ll also ask only a monthly support donation of $25 to help me cover the cost while they were here and help me care for the other 150 here waiting for their homes. Ohh and I’ll bring your husky to your door, as long as you live in the USA and are approved through my application.


Want to be apart of my pack? No adoption or transport costs, just pack members for life.

You in? Apply and sign up here

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