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Meet Neiko and Sasha. These two blue eyed seniors traveled all the way from CA to OK in hopes of a better future than the one that they were facing. Neiko and Sasha's owner could no longer care for them so they were on their way to a shelter where they likely would have been euthanized immediately because of their ages. Rescue efforts went into play on FB and a few rescues and heroes came to together to make transport and rehoming possible.

Neiko and Sasha were exclusively outside dogs and had never really had the opportunity to cuddle up on a bed or couch inside a home. At Husky Halfway House they get to do just this and ohhh man are they both big cuddle bugs. Neiko will bury his entire body under yours and not let you take your hand off of him. He just loves loves the cuddles and would be very happy to sit next to you all day and keep you company. He is bouncy and full of energy for his age but still a calm and mature grown up most of the day.

Neiko would give just about anything to have a mature teen or adult take him outside to throw a ball around and then bring him back inside for another round of cuddles.

Neiko is very well trained when it comes to going potty outside although just like any other unaltered male, and even some naughty altered ones, he will mark his new territory until he understands that it isn't his.

Although Neiko listens very well and responds to your commands without hesitation, Neiko cannot be trusted off leash so a fence is required.

It would be best to have Neiko in a situation where he is top dog. Because he is older, unaltered and set in his ways he is not a good match for grabby little children or any other dog for that matter. He needs your undivided attention. However, if you do have space in your home and heart he would like to bring his roommate for the past 9 years, 12 year old Sasha. Sasha really is the only dog that Neiko will tolerate.

A few details about sweet Sasha..

Sasha is a sweet and gentle soul with old bones. This girl has made it 12.5 years already. She is slower and in need of less exercise than a usual husky. Sasha would be perfect for someone who is retired and can spend all day loving on her.

Sasha would love a leisurely daily walk where she can sniff and explore. Not too long though, her bones get tired quickly.

Sasha needs someone with her when it storms. She is very much afraid of thunder, lightning and loud noises..

Sasha cannot be trusted off leash so it really is best if you have a fence. She hates being caged so crates are not an option..

Sasha was spayed many years ago and is up to date on all of her shots.

She is a good girl with lots of time and love to give.

Please consider Neiko and Sasha. Two huskies are always better than one and senior huskies are just awesome.

We are a 501c3 non profit organization registered in the state of Oklahoma so your donation is tax deductible. If sending donations through paypal I will be in touch asap with a receipt. You can also make donations directly to our vet Dr. Glover in Checotah by calling his office during normal business hours. Please let me know about your donation so I can send you a tax deductible receipt. THANK YOU!!!

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Non Profit Tax ID - Husky Halfway House Foundation - 83-4358296

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