Abu ~Adopted

🎼Abu, 🎼Abu.. said with a Princess Jasmine voice...

This is our version of the story. Once upon a time Abu found a magic lamp and got three wishes. One of those wishes was be to be rescued from his living situation. You see, Abu’s yard mate had just frozen to death and he needed help before it was too late for him. Abu was the lucky one, he had a winter coat, but the coat sure didn’t stop the hungry...

Abu’s first wish came true in the form of a HERO named Officer Aryn Damer. Officer Damer rescued Abu from that backyard nightmare and now he is finally safe and can move on to wish #2. 👮

Abu’s second wish was to never feel hunger again.. He got that wish too, along with a warm place to sleep and a devoted animal rescue to care for him while he awaits his fate. Thanks to Hope Haven Animal Rescue, Abu was finally able to feel what it is like to be loved one and cared for. But, will he have to go back to where he was living or will he get to have a chance in life? It took 3 whole weeeks but Abu was officially released to his rescuers who then brought Abu to us here at Husky Halfway House to foster and find the perfect family for.

Abu‘s third and final wish was for a forever family and guess what. He got that wish too.

Not only did Abu get all of his wishes, his final wish happened on Valentine‘s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day Abu. We ❤️ You. Enjoy your life full of love. ❤️

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