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A Week From Hell

It’s been one week since we entered hell and our fevers started. It took just 12 hours hour to take Saturn from me. He died in Annabelle’s arms in the two hour drive to the hospital. I hate it that I put her through that. Sebastian too. He was the one that found him sick. I was on my way back from pulling two more out of the hell that was killing us.

Saturn was the warning that if we don’t move fast enough we would lose them all. The fever came so fast and filled his lungs with a bloody fluid faster than we could stop it.

I had rymadil on hand but it wasn’t enough to combat the strep zoo.

Today Jimmy my contractor comes to give me a quote for a sealed quarantine room. A room I need built and done NOW. There are two huskies in OKC that only have 4 minutes left (yes I tagged them) and I will have to keep them out and in boarding until this room is done.

Floors and a concrete pad for better cleaning, sealed plexiglass kennels with concrete blocks and bottom. No nose-to-nose touching.

Right now, I need concrete, sealing and kennels built so with the money we raised last week we are getting started right now. My contractor is on his way.

It’s not enough guys. I need to build a full vet clinic. We all know we need one and we all know that H3 cannot rescue until we do.

Please help me now! It will take a couple hundred grand to build a clinic and let me repeat! I cannot rescue again until we do!

HELP US NOW. It’s five-dollar Friday. It’s give up your coffee day, it’s save all the huskies day, today is the day that you help me go all the way. All the way to saving them all and all I need is 5 from each of you. 5 that’s it!!

I NEED YOUR HELP. I promise you I will take every dime and use it to protect them and this community and beyond. You know I will do that for them. This isn’t just that weekly “five-dollar Friday please help us continue our mission” this is the “if we don’t come up with a solution to this problem now thousands will die because of it." And I am not kidding. There is a girl in OKC right now with a foster offer yet no foster-based rescue will step up. Imagine that. So now she waits for me to build something safe for her, in a boarding kennel all by herself instead of here with the pack where she belongs.

Help me now guys. This is URGENT.

Those that follow me know I am known for my husky squishy face selfies and that will never change, and I am just devastated that I didn’t have enough time for one with Saturn except this stupid picture of my crying over his body. Why did I take that selfie? Well, that’s no one’s business but mine.

I am so, so grateful for the time we had in the van together, and that Britney had an opportunity to spend time with him, give him treats and take his pictures. She doesn’t know how grateful I am that at least she got a squishy face selfie.

I would give anything for this to be the last selfie I take over one of my huskies bodies. So that’s why I am begging you now. If begging for money to save them is what it will take, then I’ll do it.

So here I am. Begging you to donate so we can build these huskies a better shelter. Please. is our charity PayPal and Venmo accts. Donating to the Facebook post is cheaper since FB doesn’t charge any fees but it does take time. But it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we make it happen and not just keep dreaming about it.

See attached layout of what I want to do. I already have that building. That’s my home. I just need to remodel it to accommodate a sick room, a quarantine room and a surgery room. I am ready to give up my home. I don’t need it right now, they do. Let’s do this. Let’s do this now.

Please help.

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