Lost & Found Huskies

Lost or found a husky? These creatures are notorious for escaping! Running off of their little "adventures." 

Post your pup below so we can add them to our "watch list" 

Macie - Lost

"Macie our Husky is still missing fron the Gans area. Shes been missing since March 28th. There is a reward for her return. Her boy misses her and we have looked everywhere in our town for her. We believe she was picked up by someone. She has a home and is missed really bad by our whole family... So please if you have her or know who does we just want her back."

Billy - Lost

"This is Billy he's my dog and I'm going to find you and I'm going to come looking for him and I'm going to look everyday until I die. Having any information about my dog, you can call Doug at 405-206-5214
He was taken from southgate and LeonaMitchel in Enid. But I'm not just gonna stay local and give up. I'll post clean to california(and drive there to) if I have to until I find my animal."

Natasha & Boris - Lost

"Please Help Our Family is Heartbroken... Our Pets went missing Sat.August 15Th around 8am near SW 89th & Czech Hall Rd. We're offering a reward so if seen or ANY INFO Please Please Call Asap
Thank You"

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