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Our newest program: Eufaula Animal Welfare is currently in development. We are in introductory phases of opening a fully operational animal shelter on Husky Halfway House property to serve stray dogs of all breeds in the city of Eufaula.

The Plan

The city of Eufaula is a beautiful lakeside town located in eastern Oklahoma. Home to nearly 3,000 people, it is a great community full of outdoor recreation, shopping attractions, historic sights, and more. There are fun annual events that people from all over the state come to enjoy. It's even home to Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park! Eufaula is a great place to live as well as a fun tourist destination. But the one thing Eufaula is missing is... an animal shelter. Outside the hustle and bustle of downtown, unwanted animals are dumped out of sight. Stray dogs have nowhere to go. Homeless pet populations continue to grow when stray animals go unspayed/unneutered. And the risk of disease goes up when these stray animals aren't properly vaccinated.

Enter phase one of our plan: Husky Halfway House's newest program, Eufaula Animal Welfare. Husky Halfway House (H3) is a husky-specific rescue located in Eufaula, OK. The rescue sits on 7 acres right off of Highway 9, a few short minutes from downtown Eufaula. The founder of H3, Jenni Dietsch, has tried to help the city with the stray population since she started the rescue in 2019. But animal rescues and animal shelters are two very different setups.


To open Eufaula Animal Welfare, we need funding. Husky Halfway House already has buildings set up on the property and fencing available to start an official animal welfare program for the city of Eufaula. Funding will allow us to finish the electricity needed to heat and light the buildings. It will also allow us to hire staff members to assist with intake and care of stray animals. Although on H3 property, Eufaula Animal Welfare will be a separate program from Husky Halfway House.


  • Raise $50,000 to launch Eufaula Animal Welfare

  • Complete electricity/lighting for kennel buildings for EAW

  • Reinforce barriers/rock/fencing for kennels

  • Hire staff members to assist with running the program

  • Reduce the homeless animal population in Eufaula, OK

  • Increase spay/neuter efforts for the city

Why do we need a separate facility?

The world of rescue is different from the world of taking in strays. For Husky Halfway House, most of the dogs brought in come from other city animal shelters that have already provided vaccines and initial vetting, or they are surrendered by previous owners who have kept them up to date on yearly shots. Although we don't always know the full back story of every husky that comes into H3, we are usually given some background information. The huskies brought into Husky Halfway House typically don't need to be put through quarantine. Huskies as a breed are pack-oriented and thrive well in groups.

Stray dogs, on the other hand, are a completely different ball game. Stray dogs have to be treated as though they have never been vaccinated. And in rural areas, the likelihood of already being spayed/neutered is very low. Before allowing stray dogs to interact with any other animals on the property, they will need to go through a quarantine period. And because we have no background information on strays that come in, it is safest to keep them separated from other dogs until a full behavioral evaluation can be completed.

The bottom line: H3 is set up as a pack-oriented facility for huskies only. It is not set up to take in stray animals or to operate as a standard city animal shelter. This is why we need your help - to build a separate facility to take stray animals off the streets of Eufaula, increase spay/neuter efforts for the city, and reduce the homeless animal population.

How To Help

Jenni and the team at Husky Halfway House are committed to taking on this program and helping the city of Eufaula, but we need the community's help and support to make this work. If we can get the help we need, Eufaula Animal Welfare will open its doors January 1st, 2022 to start serving the town of Eufaula. We will officially launch our campaign via Facebook on GIVING TUESDAY, November 30th 2021, and will update with a donation link for our fundraiser as soon as it is set up. Giving Tuesday is one of the biggest fundraising days of the year and we need your help to make this dream a reality. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to kickstart this program. Please consider donating to our mission to help both the people and the animals of the city of Eufaula, Oklahoma.

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