Husky Halfway House


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121130 S 4180 Rd

Eufaula, OK 74432

Non Profit Tax ID 83-4358296

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We hate asking for money but in all realities, money makes things happen faster.

If you're considering donating to charity this year, please consider ours.

EVERY DIME goes into the vetting and care of our shelter animals.

Not one penny goes into our pockets. 

We are a 501c3 non profit organized in the state of Oklahoma. Your donation is tax deductible

via paypal to

click here to learn more



You and your business deserve recognition for what you do.

In exchange for your valuable donation let us display your logo at the park,

on our website and social media pages and any other marketing opportunities we can give you. 

Sponsor our walking track

Your pups paw prints or company logo etched into the design

Sponsor the build

construction materials for advertising rights

a fence, bench, playground equipment, tree or awning etc.


One woman show here with big obtainable dreams and the drive and resources to make it happen. I have 10 years of California small business ass kicking under my belt to include building multiple brands and brick n' mortar small businesses that together have grossed over 5 million dollars thruout their existence and still running successfully today, albeit under new management. (which means next to nothing in CA, 5 mill is like 5k anywhere else. LOL)

I have already acquired the land, the business plan, branding, the organization as a legal nonprofit with 501c3 status, we have an onsite marketing and branding company already up and running (that's major) the works. Now just need a PARTNER or INVESTOR that see what I see. A major business opportunity. 6 acres with popular highway frontage outside of city limits. location, location, location!! My immediate plans are for a shelter/boarding facility and dog park but the 5 year plan holds a coffee shop and sports bar (where the money is at) and a emergency veterinary clinic (where we can keep precious hearts beating) and a fully operational OFF LEASH vacation resort seconds outside the tiny little lake town community of Eufaula surrounded by 600 miles of Lake Eufaula shoreline and summer time tourism. Extra bonus, I live onsite and own the land so you know that the risks are low and mine to bear, not yours. Think low overhead.


Got pea gravel or concrete to trade? Our marketing company can help make your employee's walking billboards. We can do custom team shirts, jackets, hats, construction and emergency vests,  whatever you need. We will trade you the dollar value, your services for our's. Interested in cross marketing? We are! Send me a message if you want to chat. 


So much of this is needed. Maintaining a dog park is alot of work! We would like to have help designing community work programs, internships and student programs. We will need help all over the processes. Physical volunteers in the shelter and vet clinic, online presence, graphic design and marketing internships and programs, help maintaining the park, training, fostering, transporting. etc. If you have any thoughts about what you can do to help, lets chat. I guarantee we could use whatever it is you are offering.




We can work for it!!

Here are ways that we can earn your pledge and how you can help..


Please consider buying a shirt from Berm Designs who has pledged to give %100 of the profits from every sale to the Husky Halfway House Foundation.


Attention local business owners!! Want to Trade?

We can offer marketing and branding services as well as outfitting your staff with your branded gear in exchange for services and materials that you offer.

We are in search of landscaping and construction materials and labor,

electrical, plumbing and anything that has to do with building and landscaping. We need lots and lots of iron wrought fence panels and lots and lots of rocks.

Finding someone who can help us design doggie exercise

equipment would be amazing! The list goes on. We have 7 acres.

The more facilities we build the more we can serve the community...

We can provide tshirts, jackets, team jerseys and anything else you can think

of that we can decorate with your logo in exchange for your valuable services and

don't forget we are a 501c3 which means your donation is tax deductible. 

Check out some of our work here

and please let us know if your interested in a trade.



Become a Sponsor 


Buy a spot on a racecar!

Sponsor our walking track

your pups paw prints etched into the design

Sponsor the build - a bench or tree or awning etc

TEAM Building opportunities



Community Service Programs

Get Fit with Husky House

Gilligan's Island