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Lucky says Merry Christmas

Exchange Christmas Gifts with a halfway husky this year!
Its easy!
1. Click on one to go to our Amazon Smile Charity List and see all the lists for more than 100 huskies.
2. Choose a husky you would like send a gift to.
3.  Select a gift you would like the husky to have.
4. Order the gift (s) through our Amazon Smile Charity lists. The gift will be sent diectly to us and we can keep better track of who received what.
Don't forget to let me know who sent it!
5. Click here to provide your address so we can send you back a gift!
6. Watch during Christmas week while we spend each day leading up to Christmas,
opening the huskies gifts on FB.
Who is up for the bestest, most funnest gift exchange ever!?
Here is what you get back! In exchange for any gift on their list, they will send you this collectable keychain made by us, right here at H3. If buying more than one gift, please let us know, because each additional gift also comes with an additional gift!
Check out these cute little ornament keychains to go with your Christmas tree for each additional gift purchased. 

Its so much fun exchanging gifts with rescue dogs! Even better is knowing you are helping us give them the best start in their new lives and their new homes. 
Together, till they all have homes. 

Christmas Tree from H3
Christmas Tree from H3 with ornaments

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