Adoption Process

Adoptions at Husky Halfway House are a multi-stage process. When you adopt a dog from us, you become a part of our family. We require a thorough application to ensure all of our dogs are adopted to their perfect homes.

All of our Halfway Huskies are fully vetted before leaving the rescue. This includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations, flea/tick prevention, heartworm prevention and dewormer. The costs for this vetting are factored into the adoption fee for each dog. Our adoption fees range from $0-$300 depending on the individual dog and their required care, and if adoption sponsorships are available.

Our process is as follows:

1. Apply: Let us get to know you! Our application will also give you a chance to review our expectations of you as an adopter.

2. Discuss: Explain the details of your application to our director, Jenni, and discuss your adoption potential.

3. Choose: Jenni will review available huskies with you that she believes would be a good fit for your family and lifestyle. You are encouraged to visit the rescue in person if possible to meet potential matches.

4. Adopt: Once you have chosen which husky you would like to accept into your family, you will take them home on an adoption trial. When we have decided that the adoption is succeeding for all parties, we will finalize the adoption agreement.

You are not simply adopting a dog. By joining our adoption program, you are allowing us to adopt you for the life of your pet. We will be your biggest supporters and cheerleaders. We require our adopters to remain in contact with us.